Woodsy's Star Wars Holiday Gift Guide

Ok Fan boys and girls, I took lots of care into putting this list together, enlisting the help of fellow Jedi along the way. Some of these I already have, and some I really want (GARDEN JAWA HINT HINT!)

May the Force be with you this Holiday Season as I gift you with this Jedi joke:

Q – What did Darth Vader say to Luke on Christmas?

A – “Luke, I felt your presents.”

1. Jedi Path

Dan Wallace’s book, a once-lost Jedi artifact with personal commentary by early Jedi Masters like Yoda, Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan, is a manual for students of the Force. It also includes numerous removable artifacts from the Jedi Order. The vault edition opens with a flash of blue light and Star Wars sound effects. I can’t stop pressing the open button! This book is a Jedi art piece and super cool Dan Wallace is THE Jedi Master, thank you Dan! Available at Amazon.com for the special Black Friday price of $45 (Reg. $59.97)

2. Garden Jawa

Ok so yes since the movie Amelie I’ve had a “thing” for gnomes and have been on the quest for the perfect one until now! Bienvenue Garden Jawa, at almost a foot in height and ready for rain or shine. I mean, I don’t have a garden but who cares, right? Available exclusively at http://shop.starwars.com.

3. Boba Fett Electronic Helmet

Hasbro crafted this cool Boba Fett helmet, it’s adjustable on the inside to fit anyone age 5 and up and is pretty comfy! Includes a button with intimidating sound effects such as “Surrender... or face disintegration.” I wear mine at work when I want to be taken seriously. Widely available for you wanna-be villians! Try Amazon, Target or K-Mart!

4. General Grievous Spin Lightsaber

General Grievous, first introduced in Revenge of the Sith and an evil villain in The Clone Wars, spins multiple lightsabers in his fight scenes and now you can too! This toy by Hasbro has duel lightsabers joined that spin around, including lights and Star Wars sound effects. This weapon provides hours of entertainment for any ages, no really. I almost wiped out a bike delivery dude in the crosswalk at Times Square but to my defense, he blew the red light! Available at Amazon.

5. Rebel Pilot Headphones

Rock it Rebel style with these cool Rebel orange insignia-marked headphones, that also fold up for travel. Jam it down the street and tell the world you don't give a Sith! Standard 3.5mm audio jack to fit most MP3 players and available at ThinkGeek.

6. Prints from Stormtroopers365

Stormtroopers 365 is a photo project starring TK455 and TK479, Stormtroopers in the Galactic Empire Army. This French dude named Stefan, spent one year shooting stormtroopers out and about, and it’s one of the coolest things I’ve seen -- Quel dedication! Please check it out his online gallery! He’s now moved on to “52 weeks with the Fetts.” You won’t be disappointed! His prints are available at www.stormtroopers365.com.

7. Princess Leia Headband

A must have for all wanna-be Galactic heinesses, this headband is so much better than the wig that comes with the classic Princess Leia costume and can also double up as earmuffs in a Hoth storm pinch. Even Grant Imahara wears one, see? Available at costumesinc.com.

8. Star Wars Arcade: Falcon Gunner iPhone Game

Just released by THQ, Falcon Gunner is a first-person action game that plants you in the Millenium Falcon gunnery seat, turning your earthly surroundings into epic space battles with TIE Fights and Star Destroyers. Now I need to upgrade my Iphone, DAMMIT! Available at www.apple.com.

9. Darth Vader Spatula

Flip anything over to the Dark Side with this flexible spatula, maybe your Wookie cookies? Grab on to this bad boy and cook with the Force! Available exclusively at williams-sonoma.com.

10. Star Wars Deluxe AT-AT Vehicle

Measuring over 2-feet tall and over 2-feet long, this is the largest AT-AT vehicle ever made! Gather some Jedis together and build this iconic vehicle, by Hasbro, complete with Speeder Bike vehicle, AT-AT Driver figure, launchers, projectiles, label sheet, and instructions. Available at www.entertainmentearth.com.

11. Sculpted Lightsaber Bottle Opener

Perfect for opening up Jedi juice or Yoda sodas, right? Exclusively available at http://shop.starwars.com.


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