Mattel's Cyber Monday Sale!

Thanksgiving is a time for family and remembrance of all the enjoyment we’ve experienced throughout our lives. The days after Thanksgiving however, are rage-filled battles through the store aisles as we do our damndest to procure holiday gifts… and a few things for ourselves.

This year, our friends at Mattel are getting into the mix with a Cyber-Monday sale the likes of which have never been seen by the action figure-collecting community! On November 29th, the “White Screen of Death” will be in full force as tons of your fellow toy-lovers descend upon to scoop up some of the coolest figures to have been released on the site so far. These are all left over stock though, so qualities are gonna be extremely limited. The toys here are NOT re-issues, but the figures reserved as replacements for damaged orders and whatnot. Therefore, the fight to score a Battle Cat will be a furious (and possibly frustrating) one. Below, you’ll find all the info and pictures straight from Matty himself.

Happy hunting!

o MOTUC He-Man®

o MOTUC Skeletor®

o MOTUC Battle Cat®

o JLU Lobo

o JLU "Shazam!" Family 4-Pack

o JLU Doom Patrol 4-Pack

o JLU Legion of Super Heroes 4-Pack

o JLU Gotham City Criminals 4-Pack

o JLU Justice Guild 4-Pack

o 12" Ray Stantz™ Figure

o 12" Egon Spengler™ Figure (with trap)

o 12” Peter Venkman™ Figure

o 12” Winston Zeddemore™ Figure

o Adam Strange and Starfire Figures 2 Pack

o Alexander Luthor and Ultraman Figures 2 Pack

o Justice in the Jungle: B’Wana Beast and Animal Man Figures 2 Pack

o Infinite Heroes Crisis 4-Pack

o Ghostbusters™ 6” Peter Venkman™ Figure (with Slimer)

o Ghostbusters™ 6" Ray Stantz™ Figure (with Subway Ghost)

o Ghostbusters™ 6" Winston Zeddemore™ Figure (with trap)

o Ghostbusters™ 6” Walter Peck™ Figure (with containment unit)

Remember, the sale runs Monday, November 29th at 9 AM PT through Sunday, December 5th at 11:59 PM PT. Quantities available on many items are low, so for the best selection, be here first thing on Monday, November 29th. That’s also your extra savings day where you’ll save 10% off every order over $100 (excluding taxes and fees)! All products must be purchased during the same transaction and shipped to a single address so not only will you save on products, you’ll save on shipping, too!

Oh, and one last thing… if you still have a coupon for $8 off the purchase of a Battle Cat® figure this is your last chance to use it. Just remember that you’ll need to have the original coupon code to take advantage of this offer.

Good luck and here’s hoping you get all the toys you want!


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