3DV5 Pocket 3DHD Camcorder

Have you been waiting for an affordable 3D camcorder? How about a digital picture frame that shows off your wonderful 3D videos and photos? Do you know a special someone that would flip if they were gifted something like that over the holidays? If so, ViewSonic has you covered, and you won't need any pesky glasses!

ViewSonic recently announced the 3DV5 Pocket 3D HD camcorder! It's got a 2.4" screen that displays what you're recording just like any other handheld video cam, but there's one major difference. The screen displays the footage in 3D without the need for glasses!

If you paid any attention to this years E3 expo, you'll know that Nintendo recently announced the new 3DS featuring a similar 3D display capabilities, and a camera that will snap 3D photos, but you can only see them in 3D on the new device's screen. Thankfully, ViewSonic thought about this fact when designing their little toy. Along with the new camcorder they announced the 3DPF8 Multimedia Digital Photo Frame. The new frame is 8" diagonally and will display all the 3D content we create, including videos and photos, and once again all this awesomeness occurs without us wearing those ridiculous glasses.

Footage shot with the new camcorder will work on most 3DTVs, but if you don't have one those expensive suckers (Dear, Santa...) no worries, ViewSonic has our back, thrown in with the 3DV5 Pocket is a pair of classic red/cyan glasses so no matter what TV or monitor we are showing off our stellar filmmaking on we can check it out in 3D. The camcorder can record in 2D also, at 720p HD. Sadly, it's only got 10MB of internal storage, but that is expandable up 32GB via an SD card slot, thank god. The camcorder and frame are both available right now for a surprisingly affordable $180.


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