Evil Sith Attempts To Remove Blue Milk Special From Wookieepedia

Ok Star Wars fans, we need your help!  Blue Milk Special, the genius Star Wars parody webcomic has been flagged for deletion on Wookieepedia! Holy lasers, Obi-Wan!  If you’ve somehow been trapped under a Rancor and don’t know who Blue Milk Special is, it’s the creative team of Rod and Leanne Hannah.  They have spectacular illustrations, comics and it’s just damn funny.  You can even download a graphic to make your own Blue Milk Special milk carton.  Why, Wookieepedia, why would you want to blast them a la Alderaan?  Saved they must be from the Deathstar trash compactor.  I met them this past year at NYCC and they were totally cool to boot.  As their Darth Vader postcard says, “There’s something for everyone!”

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And for those unfamiliar with the awesomeness of BMS, I asked Leanne a couple of questions:

Geek!: What inspired you to start BMS?

My husband Rod and I were watching the original Star Wars film a couple years ago and he had a twisted take on practically every scene. He knows the films like the back of his hand, so it wasn't long before he was on a roll. I'd done a few cartoony webcomic strips in the past and we thought this would be a great opportunity to collaborate on project together by sharing our twisted vision of Star Wars with the world!

Geek!: What was your first Star Wars experience?

LH: Rod recalls first seeing Star Wars on television in England while sitting on his potty when he was three or four years old. He had a black blanket wrapped around him for privacy and immediately identified with Darth Vader.

I, on the other hand, didn't fully get to really appreciate Star Wars until the Special Editions were released in theatres in 1997.  (I know, I know.)  But it didn't take me long to get hooked and also hunt down the "unmessed with" versions.  Then I started collecting the toys, comics, etc.  It snowballed from there.

Geek!: Are you and Rod equal on your SW fandom?

LH: Truthfully, I think Rod wins out on this one.  He sat down and wrote over 400 strip ideas in two weeks.  I can't compete with that!

Geek!: Do you think George has seen your stuff?

LH: We doubt it, but if he has, we hope he managed to get as far as the strip where he battles his younger self 'Dragon Ball Z' style.  We've heard he has a great sense of humor, so if he does come across our comics we hope he enjoys them!

Geek!: Have you ever drank blue milk?

LH: Not yet, actually!  But it's on our to do list!  And some of our readers have, which is pretty inspiring.

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