The Ultimate Geek Holiday Gift Guide!

November quickly draws ever closer to its end, and so the holiday season approaches. Time relentlessly marches towards the holidays, and with it, the need to purchase gifts for all your loved ones --lest you be looked upon as an ungrateful outcast by not reciprocating for that scratchy sweater your overly-huggy Uncle Roger so thoughtfully re-gifted to you from the year before. Of course, there’s no fun in shopping for things that people ask for. No sir, we say buy em somethin’ that YOU think is awesome; so, at least you’ll have a reason to talk to them during those tense times of family bonding, that surely will take place… or possibly just con your way into making a trade to get the PKE Meter back in exchange for that damn itchy sweater.

To that end, we here at MTV Geek! have compiled a compendium of ridiculously splendid present ideas, the likes of which are unequaled by all others! Use it wisely, dear readers, as both a guide when shopping for your friends AND when making out your list of gifts that you couldn’t possibly stand to live without!

So go forth and send this guide to Uncle Roger, or use it to shop for that special Geek in your life.

+ The MTV Geek! Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

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