Pre-Order The OnLive System Now!

Awhile back few small-time and rather unknown companies (Warner Bros. and AT&T to name a couple) got together to fund a new take on the at home gaming system, known as OnLive. The OnLive system connects directly to the TV and provides a cloud based gaming service. All the available games come to your screen from OnLive's servers, you wont sit around forever while the game installs and there are no discs to scratch. All you need is a internet connection and a TV and you're ready to get you're game on.

According to OnLive, turning the system on and jumping into a game only takes a few seconds, and its not like we're talking about random unknown indie games here. OnLive has partnered with big time publishers like EA, 2K Games, and SEGA to instantly bring us games such as Assassin's Creed II and NBA 2K11.

The hardware is designed to easily hook up to your TV and get you gaming asap. It's just a little black box, about the size of a Nintendo DS or PSP with an HDMI out and an Ethernet port.

The system can be pre-ordered now and will set you back $99. It comes with a wireless controller, clearly modeled after those of the PS3 and Xbox 360 flavor, and they're currently offering a free game, up to $49.99, with purchase. Users can rent full games for $5-$10, and games can be purchased for unlimited play anywhere from $10-$60, the same prices we would see at retailers when a game launches.

Gametrailers has a great interview/demo video, with OnLive President & CEO Steve Perlman, explaining key features of the OnLive service and details on subscription options. He even shows the OnLive service running on a frickin iPad! Donít go anywhere, weíve embedded the video below! Check it out to get some deets straight from the source!


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