Woodsy's World Of Star Wars: Woodsy's Visit To Lucasfilm

Last week I went home to Cali for a long weekend. My friends thought it was to visit them, but secretly it was to gain more medallion qualifying miles on Delta Airlines! I stopped by Lucasfilm to have lunch with my friends Amy and Kimberly. Beforehand my friend Chris and I had coffee and he gave me the tour around campus. I left Lucasfilm in 2000 and whenever I go back, it’s like a college reunion, bringing back old memories. Working at Lucasfilm is such a memorable experience because of the caliber of people, totally cool and talented. And I ran into some friends that are still there, including Matt who thought my Carrie Fisher pillowcase blog post was “hilarious.”

It’s so cool to walk down the hallways and see movie memorabilia - matte paintings used in Die Hard II, R2D2 models, crew photos with George Lucas, the spaceship from Inner Space, and all the movie posters lined up in a hallway that ILM has worked on. I must say, when I worked at ILM we called it ILMen and I’d be lying if I didn’t say there was some major male GEEK eye candy for Woodsy. Nuff said. I perused the Star Wars gift shop and decided I didn’t REALLY need anything, well at least that week. I put the Garden Jawa on my Xmas wish list and am trying to erase any memories of naughtiness I may have partaken in recently.

The highlight of my visit, besides visiting friends of course, was meeting Anthony Daniels! I ran into him in the hallway and my friend Chris introduced us! I actually stayed at the same hotel as Tony in Orlando for Star Wars Celebration and saw him sneak into the Club floor breakfast room each morning to get his toast and tea. But I was too shy to talk to him, WTF? I think Carrie emotionally bruised me.

Tony and I had a nice chat about Twitter - I told him I followed him on Twitter and that he was hilarious; he asked me what RT meant! I heart him. Then after having lunch in the Presidio with Amy and Kimberly I ran into Tony again in the lobby. This time we bonded over our smart phones - he had the R2D2 Droid (I think C3P0 felt slighted) and I showed him my Empire Strikes Back Celebration iPhone case. He thought it was cool. I wanted so badly to take my picture with him but again, I think I cannot get past that damn look Carrie Fisher gave me last time I saw her, DAMN YOU CARRIE. Hence I was a bit shy. But I’m sure they’ll be another...

After Tony left, I was chillaxing in the lobby making phone calls and chatting up the security dude. He was so funny and told me that his bosses told him they watch him on the security cameras and that he must I.D. everybody that comes in. So when Anthony Daniels came in for his meeting, he asked him for his I.D. to which Tony gave him that “are you frakking kidding me?” look. (I learned “frakk” from my new Battlestar Galactica obsession) Security dude said he felt like an ass but didn’t know what to do, but Tony took it all in stride, telling him “It’s ok, they know me.”

I saw Tony one last time outside sitting by the fountain when I was leaving the Presidio and still didn’t have the cojones to get a photo with him. WTF has happened to me??? I’m a terrible stalker.

All in all, a beautiful day, in a beautiful setting, with beautiful people, and C3P0, and Boba Fett.


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