REVIEW: DC Universe Classics Wave 15 Validus

This is it! The final review for DC Universe Classics Wave 15 here on MTV Geek! and it’s all led up to this: Validus!

He’s the Collect & Connect figure for the wave, so a piece (or two) came with each of the individual figures in order to construct this monstrosity. Wanna find out if he is worth all the hard work and money? Well read on, our toy-collecting brethren… read on.

Validus is one of those rare characters that are just cooler to look at than to try and trudge through the ridiculous numbers of ret-cons to their backstory. Validus is usually a Legion of Superheroes villain that battles his way across the cosmos as part of the Fatal Five. His coolest origin (which now is no longer in continuity…probably) involves Validus being one of the children born to future versions of Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl. Darkseid kidnaps the baby and warps him to the freakish destroyer that you now know as Validus and sends him back in time to fight his parents. Parent versus child, just the way it always should be…errr, maybe not. Anyway, Validus is so friggin’ strong that Superboy can’t even slow him down AND he can fire wicked telekinetic beams from that exposed brain of his. Whatever his origin, Validus = badass.

The Four Horsemen have done it again, when it comes to Validus’ sculpt. Of course, hulking behemoths really seem to be their strong-suit. Thanks to the terrifying look they’ve managed to give him, people will want to own this guy even if they’re not familiar with his comic book roots. Validus’ head is what really draws your eye; which is kinda funny considering the poor sonuvabitch has none of his own. His mouth is opened in a gaping yell, with the skin stretched and pulled forcefully as he appears to be roaring with rage. Above his screaming visage lies his exposed brain. It’s covered by a transparent shell that both allows for you to look at his knowledge-bucket with disgust AND allows him to keep it nice and tanned during those summer months. Validus’ chest is massive and is sculpted so it looks good even when he’s leaned back and posed as if he’s launching out a mighty battle-cry. His waist and legs we’ve seen before on the DCUC Kilowog C&C figure. They work perfectly in both conveying his stout physique but also manage to balance his standing ability with a good center of gravity. His arms are mostly new, with only the forearms being a re-use from Kilowog. He has a cable linking his shoulders and biceps and his hands are three-fingered tools of destruction that are detailed with very nice creases and knuckle details. Lastly, his feet are sculpted having two huge-honkin’ claws protruding from the front of each. Being kicked by Validus does not come highly recommended.

The paint on Validus really serves it’s purpose while also upping the detail as well. His head received the most paint apps. His brain is a vibrant pink, while his mouth is the color of dried blood with each of his filthy (and individually painted) teeth peeking out from the snarled lips. The brain’s cover plate is a separate piece of clear plastic that has been glued to the Validus’ head. For the most part, the figure’s body has been molded in purple; which just makes sense, seeing as how that’s the most prevalent color. The light gray that stripes his chest and the purple areas both feature darker shading to show off the muscular sculpt and help to keep Validus from looking too cartoony. The metallic silver of his biceps straps and painted without slop and the black lining of his suit is also very nice and tight.

Articulation-wise, Validus is very well done for a larger figure. With his gigantic proportions, there has to be a compromise between pose-ability and being able to stand up without help. Thanks to those sweet rocker ankles, Validus is able to stand triumphant with his arms outstretched in whatever configuration your little black heart desires. He has: a ball-joint head (that works very, very well thanks to the shape of his noggin), Swivel/hinge shoulders, swivel biceps (that are hindered somewhat by being connect to the shoulder with the cables), hinged elbows, swivel wrists, hinged torso (featuring more movement than Kilowog’s, by far), swivel waist, swivel/hinged hips (with hidden joint so it just looks like a T-crotch), hinged knees, hinged ankles, & “rocker” ankles. Once this guy was popped together, there weren’t any noticeable joint troubles. They all seem tight and hold any pose properly and without the unbearable frustration that comes with loose ankles.

Normally this is where we’d be dishing on the accessories; but, this time there are none to be dished upon. For the most part, C&C figures aren’t known for having any add-ons although Trigon and Darkseid kinda spoiled us. Still, Validus is quite imposing and we’re sure he could more than enough damage with those two mitts of his! All in all, Validus (and Wave 15 in general) is quite impressive. In fact, Validus just might be the best C&C figure to come down the pike in quite some time. Sure Darkseid is incredibly powerful; but, this guy is screaming his damn head off…and you can see his brain! His brain people!


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