EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK: Female Force: Sarah Palin Take 2

The most polarizing woman in American politics has returned to comic book stores in the biographical comic from Bluewater Productions, Female Force: Sarah Palin, Take 2.  The sequel to the their sold-out 2008 headline-making comic focuses on the infamous "Mama Grizzly" life after the 2008 presidential election and the possibility of running for office again in 2012

Written by Dan Rafter, the book takes at look a what makes Palin such a media favorite.  "You can't help but admire Sarah Palin for her tenacity and her ability to find the spotlight wherever she goes," says Dan.

The comic paints a fair portrait of the former governor of Alaska, not shying away from any of her more dubious moments while at the same time taking a deeper look at the woman who has created such a stir on the political landscape over the last two years.

As biography comics usually go, many of them tend to be somewhat lacking in the art department, but this 32 page comic features crisp, clean art from Nathan Carson, whose pencils are easy on the eyes.  Most importantly he draws a decent Sarah Palin, never turning her into a caricature.

It should come as no surprise that you're not going to be seeing any zombies, aliens, or action scenes in Female Force: Sarah Palin, Take 2.  What you will get is an honest and accurate portrayal of the woman the media has dubbed "the pit bull in lipstick".

Female Force: Sarah Palin, Take 2 will be available at comic shops next month.

Check out the EXCLUSIVE first look of Female Force: Sarah Palin, Take 2



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