Netflix Coming To Android In 2011

Netflix instant streaming has been available on the iPhone for awhile now, but, shortly after its launch on Windows Phone 7, Netflix has announced that streaming content will be coming to Android powered mobile devices in early 2011!

According to a blog post by Greg Peters from Netflix Product Development, "The hurdle has been the lack of a generic and complete platform security and content protection mechanism available for Android. The same security issues that have led to piracy concerns on the Android platform have made it difficult for us to secure a common Digital Rights Management (DRM) system on these devices." Because of this Netflix is forced to work with handset manufacturers to add content protection. Without it, Netflix would not be able to obtain content from major studios, and we wouldn't have anything to watch.

Unfortunately, this means that Netflix streaming will only be available on select devices. "This clearly is not the preferred solution, and we regret the confusion it may create for consumers. However, we believe that providing the service for some Android device owners is better than denying it to everyone."said Greg Peters.

The Netflix blog post also says they're going to keep working with the Android community, carriers and handset manufacturers to create a generic, platform-wide solution. But until that happens, we are going to have to do a little research to make sure we snag the right device in 2011.


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