BOOK REVIEW: Star Wars Art: Visions

Lucasfilm’s latest book, Star Wars Art: Visions, by J.W. Rinzler (Executive Editor at Lucasfilm), and George Lucas, hit stores on November 1st 2010, Featuring pieces by renowned artists such as Amano, Allan R. Banks, Harley Brown, Gary Carter, James Christensen, Michael Coleman, Philippe Druillet, Donato Giancola, Ann Hanson, H. R. Giger, Daniel Greene, Arantzazu Martinez, Syd Mead, Moebius, Paul Oxborough, Alex Ross, Anthony J. Ryder, Dolfi Stoki, William Stout, Dan Thompson, Julie Bell and Boris Vallejo, Scott Waddell, and Jamie Wyeth.

[caption id="attachment_4606" align="alignnone" width="576" caption=""Princess Leia" by Daniel E Greene"][/caption]

In the preface, Sean McLain from Acme Archives says, “No other picture in our entertainment history has generated so much fan involvement.” That's basically the slam dunk of this beautiful book, or as George calls it “an interpretative art project.” The idea began in 2005 and after a 4 year search, George Lucas invited over 100 artists, both well-known and up and coming, to contribute a piece that captures the question “What is your vision for Star Wars?”

Just when you think, “Not another Star Wars book,” Lucasfilm does it once again -- try (actually, do or do not) flipping through this gem. It’s like getting a look inside the artists’ heads as to how they interpret Star Wars, and there are quite a range of visions here. Some are more abstract, like Will Wilson’s “Dawn of Maul”, the red Baby Darth Maul, while others are more literal, like Peter Ferk’s “The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of,” even telling a entire story with one page of art. Some inspirations are blended, like American Graffiti and George’s love for cars., (see Eric Joyner’s “Dining at Mel’s” with the droids pulling up to the carhop.) It’s truly a treat to turn each page, anticipating the next piece, imagining the artist at work and knowing that after 33 years, Star Wars is still such an inspiration for so many, captured in so many different ways.

[caption id="attachment_4609" align="alignnone" width="576" caption="“Shadows of Tatooine” by Raymond Swanland"]“Shadows of Tatooine” by Raymond Swanland[/caption]

Any fan of Star Wars will not be disappointed. I brought the book into work and my designers are fighting over it. And I say this genuinely, that I will be carefully cutting out the pages of this book with my exacto blade, framing some and putting the remainder on my walls at work, because they are just too good to be bound up. Mom, you can buy me another one for Christmas!

Check out this trailer for Star Wars Art: Visions!

The hardcover book is 176 pages, 12.5 x 10.5 inches, and contains 120 full-color and black-and-white illustrations.


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