A striking blue leotard accompanied by bright red leggings, some gold gloves and boots, & a huge mohawk to top it all off! Is this the Kool-Aid induced fever-dream of a kindergartener?! Hell no! This is Jack Kirby-esque madness, baby! Mattel is really showing their dedication to the obscure in their DC Universe Classics Wave 15 line of figures, and OMAC is no exception. He proudly joins the ranks of Killer Moth, Jemm (Son of Saturn, NOT the awesome cartoon glam-rocker), and many, many other heroes and villains that only true (and few) comic fans have much knowledge of. Let’s continue our look at DCUC Wave 15 here on MTV Geek! with the one, the only: Buddy Blank a.k.a. OMAC!

Just to clear things up for you guys, O.M.A.C. = One Man Army Corps. You see, Jack Kirby was working for DC Comics under contract during the fun-filled 70s and was just kinda filling his page count when he was working on OMAC’s mini-series; so, the pure unrelenting insanity came out in full force! Luckily, Kirby’s wild ideas are always his best in an over-the-top, punch-a-hole-through-time-and-space kinda way. Buddy Blank was just a mild-mannered worker drone in his future society, until the Brother Eye satellite decided to give him a big-ass Mohawk and some hardcore superpowers. The Brother Eye satellite has the power to change Buddy's body density, so more density means toughness and strength, while less density allows flight. It also turns out that OMAC is also (DCUC Wave 14's) Kamandi's Grandfather as well! To reiterate: punching, flying, awesome hair, Captain America-like tendencies, baby-makin', and an extremely colorful costume... thats OMAC!

OMAC’s sculpt is a nice balance between the tried & true look of the DCUC line and "The King’s" artistic stylings. While the body makes use of the buck system, the head is where this figure really brings the goods. Let’s begin with that massive pile of incredible hair, shall we? Buddy’s mohawk is in perfect form, as if it were sculpted by the Gods of Overindulgent Punk themselves. The Four Horsemen have given full sculptural detail to his locks and they show just how freakishly impractical his battle-tested hair truly is. Somehow, seeing the insanity of it just makes it that much better. OMAC’s face is where the Jack Kirby style really shines. His head is overall more bulbous than other figures in the Classics line. His features are more rough-hewn as well, mimicking the hard-edged brush strokes used by Kirby to define his heroic warriors. The protruding ears and wide-eyed stare only help to cement the look.

The paintwork on OMAC's figure is a mixed bag. The figure's head is very tight, with blue highlighting the hair strands (much like classic comic book coloring) while the skin, thick Muppet-ish eyebrows, and eyeballs are all applied cleanly and slop-free. The body is a basic blue with metal-flaked gold being applied to the collar, gauntlets, belt, and boots. OMAC's legs are painted in an eye-gouging red that (on the figure we purchased) tends to be a different shade on each piece which sadly causes the thigh cuts and knee joints to really stand out. The chest emblem is tampographed on and looks absolutely perfect. The figure could have benefited from some airbrushing to help define the muscles and get away from the "plastic" look; but, as is he still manages to convey that classic comic feel.

OMAC’s articulation is the usual model of perfection that Mattel has been using since Wave 1 of DC Universe Classics. He features a ball-joint head (that is limited somewhat by his collar), swivel/hinge shoulders, swivel biceps, hinged elbows, swivel wrists, hinged torso, swivel waist, swivel/hinge hips, swivel thighs, hinged knees, & hinged ankles. All in all, OMAC doesn't suffer from any stuck joints, loose joints, or the myriad of ailments that seem to plague figures these days. Must be thanks to that whole density-changing situation he's got worked out.

Since OMAC's biggest weapon his his hard-hittin' fists, the figure only came with the standard 2 accessories. He was the recipient of yet another DC 75th Anniversary button, that simply features his Egyptian-esque logo. Its sharp and that pin-point could be used in any number of self-defensive ways. Learn them and become your very own One Man Army Corps!... or don't. He also has C&C Validus' right arm, so if you want your Validus to be able to write without it being all shaky and weird looking, you're gonna have to pick up our friend Buddy cause everyone knows that Validus is right handed!

OMAC is yet another representation of the promise that Mattel is bound and determined to turn any and all DC Comics' heroes into spectacular 6" action figures and we here at MTV Geek! couldn't be more excited about it! Go out to your local K-Mart, (or the one miles and miles away depending on the distribution) and pick this guy up. Sure hes not another Superman, Hal Jordan, or Batman... but isn't that kind of a good thing?


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