Use The Force, Geeks...For Real!

No matter how hard us Star Wars geeks concentrate, mastering the force has always been a dream far, far away. And while none of us will be lifting X-Wings out of a Dagobah swamps anytime soon, we can still use our mental prowess for smaller, less demanding tasks.

The Star Wars Force Trainer, available from ThinkGeek, uses a wireless headset to measure brainwaves, and if you've got a high enough Midichlorian count, you'll lift a small ball, modeled after Luke Skywalker's floating lightsaber training thingy.

Now don't get nervous, you tiny little Padawans! You wont be alone in your quest. Yoda will be there to verbally lend expert advice through 15 levels of force training, so you can become a real-life Jedi Master.

The Force Trainer headset measures alpha, beta, delta and gamma brain waves. It then, with the help of a small microchip, uses an algorithm to determine your concentration and brain state, and how high or low the ball will float. While the product is not the first of its kind to hit the market, the Star Wars branding does provide a certain kind of fantasy fulfillment for us geeks. Unfortunately, at $89.99, the Star Wars Force Trainer will put a little dent in your wallet, but it's a small sacrifice in your quest to become a master of Force manipulation.


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