EXCLUSIVE: Clone Wars Clip And Lucasfilm Screening!

Hey there, Clone Wars fans!

Guess what?

For the first time ever Lucasfilm Ltd, is hosting a one-time, FREE event for all you fans out there!  Limited THEATRICAL screenings of THREE Star Wars: The Clone Wars episodes not airing until January 2011 are taking place!  Ten major cities will be offering a SNEEK peak to the introduction of a new Clone Wars villain, (or scoundrel)...Savage Opress!

Plus, for the first time, Clone Wars will explore Sith training! We'll learn some deep dark secrets about Episode I’s Darth Maul.  Just please be sure to use this newly acquired Sith education for good instead of evil.

Lucasfilm Ltd has given MTV Geek an EXCLUSIVE clip from the screening, woo hoo!  Check it out here NOW:

RSVP today for your FREE screening, I just did in New York City!  Lucasfilm is also asking attendees to please bring a new/unwrapped toy for young Jedis in need this holiday season.  I can’t decide if I should bring a remote control R2-D2, my new fave toy, or the LEGO Hoth Wampa Cave.

Check out more deets here:



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