The App Store Hall Of Fame

Ever since its launch, the Apple App Store has been on the rise, with new customers and new apps jumping on everyday. The layout of the store has always been pretty user friendly, but with over 300,000 apps, sometimes it's a pain in the @$$ trying to find that game or tool our friends and co-workers have been raving about.

Luckily, Apple has decided to make finding the top apps a little easier. In the Essentials section of the app store, which currently throws apps together in categories like; Hardcore Games, Get in Shape, and Personal Assistant, users will now find the Hall of Fame. The new area of the store is filled with 50 of what Apple claims to be "the best of the best" in apps. Most of the titles in this category you'll have to pay for, but about 25% of the Hall of Fame apps are free, so us cheapskates will still be getting a little something here.

Though this list is a cool addition to the store, I feel like there are some apps that could easily be replaced. There are some big sellers missing and their absence makes me wonder how the hall will be updated, and what actually makes a title worthy of Hall of Fame status. Head over to the App Store and take a peek. What titles arenët getting the attention they deserve? What titles currently in the Hall of Fame aren't fit for their position? Does this whole list disappoint you, or would you just make a few minor tweaks?

Source: Fierce Mobile Content


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