WotC Launches RPG Writing Contest!

This past summer, Wizards of the Coast rolled out a new Dungeons & Dragons product line with their Adventures board games. Planned as a series of boxed sets, each board game is a co-operative dungeon crawl that spans several different scenarios. As a new way to play D&D, these scenarios can be completed in about an hour, which affords casual players an easier way to get into the game, and gives hardcore players a chance to get a quick “fix”.

The first boxed set, Castle Ravenloft, contains such scenarios as the “Gauntlet of Terror“ where heroes must defend a village from the monster armies of Count Strahd, and “Blood and Fog“ where the party must escape from the castle’s dungeon. While players await the February release of the second D&D Adventures game, Wrath of Ashardalon, Wizards has provided two new downloadable scenarios to give the game more replay value, and has announced a contest for the player community to write three additional scenarios.

The contest is open for entries through November 26th, and contestants can submit original scenarios of up to 750 words. The staff at Wizards of the Cost will then evaluate each entry for creativity (50%), mechanics (25%), and originality (25%), with three winners to be announced in mid-December. Each will receive a free copy of Wrath of Ashardalon, but everyone wins when there are another three great reasons to play Castle Ravenloft, as the winning scenarios will all be available to download.

Contest rules and entry form: http://www.wizards.com/dnd/promotions.aspx


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