Free Apps Coming To LG Windows 7 Phones!

The Windows 7 phone will be here in about a month, and now LG and Microsoft have teamed up to give you the apps you want for free (gotta love freebies)!

LG and Microsoft will be giving away 10 different apps every sixty days, which works out to be 60 free apps in a year. The apps, which will include social media and gaming apps, will be available through the Windows Phone Marketplace and are said to be valued at $30 and up.

The first 10 apps available through the giveaway will be: Look n Type, Workout Tracker, Photo Stylist, Fortune Coins, Caddy Buddy, Metro Scanner, Tool Box, I'm a Musician - Guitar, I'm a Musician - Piano and Voice to Text.

I really don't think I'm a Musician - Piano is going to quench our mobile gaming thirst, so hopefully the next line up has a nice full featured game. With the $30 price range these apps will supposedly meet, would it be asking too much to see a successful, mobile game like Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars hit Windows 7 phones during this giveaway? What about a nice full featured navigation app, or something that we will actually use for the life of the phone, and be excited about getting for free.

Of course, LG will also be offering free apps designed specifically for LG phones, but what apps do you want to see during this giveaway? Do you think LG and Microsoft will really give us the quality apps they're claiming they will? Or will the freebie lists look as dull as this first one? Will there be more games, or do you think LG and Microsoft plan to stick with the more utility style apps?


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