Mark Waid's Captain America: Man Out Of Time #1

Just in time for the media juggernaut to start gearing up for his impending big screen debut, Marvel has updated the origin of their iconic, patriotic super-hero.

After his highly acclaimed run on Captain America in the 90s, Mark Waid has returned to the character in Captain America: Man Out of Time with the new five-issue mini-series that re-imagines the "birth" of Marvel's famous Sentinel of Liberty, literally transporting Steve Rogers through time to modern day America.

The first issue finds Cap and Bucky in 1945, on a highly important mission guarding an experimental Nazi plane, both questioning what will become of them as World War II draws to a close.  Then tragedy strikes, Bucky "disappears", and Cap is suddenly being pulled from the sea by the Avengers in present day 2010.  The series will follow Cap as he is forced to adapt to the world of the 21st century after losing over 60 years in the blink of an eye.

Staying true to his military origins while at the same time crafting the story in a way that keeps it relevant for today's society, Waid's Man Out of Time does a great job providing a perfect jumping on point for any new readers that may not be quite as familiar with Cap as they are with the likes of Spider-Man or The X-Men.

Jorge Molina provides the pencils and does a great job on issue one, with some clever panel layouts and a couple stunning full-page illustrations that are a real visual feast.  But it's Waid's writing that really gives the book its energy, and as he leaves us at the end of the first issue with a bit a shocking cliff-hanger, he makes it pretty clear that Cap is in for some serious culture shock as he begins to adjust to his new world.

Captain America: Man Out of Time issue # 1 is on stands this week.  There is also a variant cover by Art Adams to help celebrate the "return" of Marvel's Star Spangled Avenger.

Check out a preview below:


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