ViewSonic Announces The ViewPad 7 And 10 Tablets!

It seems like every couple days there's a new Android tablet announced, and now ViewSonic has jumped into the fray. However, they've decided to mix it up a little by offering the tablets with different operating systems.

The ViewPad 7 runs Android 2.2, which seems to be the standard for recently announced tablets like Samsung's Galaxy Tab, but the ViewPad 10 is a little different. It runs a dual-boot OS giving users the choice between Windows 7 Home Premium and Android v1.6! ViewSonic says this makes the ViewPad 10 ideally designed for Flash content and Office programs while also offering an optimized mobile entertainment experience through Android.

The 7" model sports an 800x480 LCD screen while the 10" model comes equipped with a 1024x600 LED screen. However, the screens and operating systems on these tablets aren't the only major differences. While the ViewPad 7 has two cameras, one at 3 mega pixels on the back, and a 0.3 mega pixels on the front for video conferencing, the ViewPad 10, surprisingly only offers a 1.3 mega pixel camera on the front. I guess ViewSonic thinks we'll look like a bunch of creeps taking pictures with a 10" tablet.

As far as memory goes, the ViewPad 10 gives us a 16GB SSD hard drive, while the ViewPad 7 comes with a lackluster 512MB of internal storage. Don't worry, both devices have MicroSD slots to give us more room for our digital content, games and apps.

All in all, the tablets are pretty well placed with the competition, both units offer Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. The ViewPad 7 also supports 3G mobile broadband and the tablets are priced similarly with other devices at $479 and $629 respectively. The ViewPad 7 will be available toward the end of this year but, unfortunately, the ViewPad 10 wont be hitting shelves until the first quarter of 2011.


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