Michael Alan Nelson On 28 Days Later

Just when you thought the zombie genre had shambled its way into the sunset, AMC had to go and unleash the dead again in the form of an epic, television adaptation of Robert Kirkman's Image Comics series, The Walking Dead. Now, we have a feeling in our, not-yet-gutted-by-hundreds-of-reanimated-corpses guts, that the genre will continue to roam and roam and eat and roam and moan and roam some more until some badass comes along and pops it in the brain to make room for the next horror convention that'll dominate our favorite media.

But until then (which ain't happening anytime soon), BOOM! Studios has been going strong with the comic sequel/prequel of the last source of undead-interest-rekindling, 28 Days Later and its sequel 28 Weeks Later...yes we know, the bad guys and gals in these stories aren't technically dead or zombies or shambling or anything like that...but go with it here, man. 28 Days/Weeks Later tells the story of a rage-inducing virus that spreads far and wide, turning its victims into rage-filled, rage-aholics, who rage across London and beyond. The films were violent, scary, intense and pushed the genre into new and exciting territories.

BOOM's comic series fills the gap between the two films following Selena, one of the main characters, on her return to London to...well we can't tell you why she's on a journey, you gotta read it to find out!

We chatted with the writer of the 28 Days Later comics, Michael Alan Nelson from the convention floor of the 2010 New York Comic Con about what it's like to take the reins on such a beloved and cutting-edge, zombie property.

"The great joy with working with a licensed property such as 28 Days Later, being a fan, it's kind of like being that kid in the candy store, where the owner hands you the keys and says, 'Eat what you want.'" Nelson feels the responsibility and pressure from the legions of fans of the films and has nothing but the highest regard for his source material, "It's not just a paycheck. I was a fan of the film before I ever even auditioned for the job of writing the comic."

"The problem is you also have to be respectful of the property. That's sort of the flip-side of the coin because you don't want to do the property an injustice," Nelson said. But despite the weight of thousands of infected "Ragers" on his back, Nelson is having a great time working on 28 Days Later, "Words really can't describe how much fun it is," he said.

The series will see issue #16 hit shelves on Wednesday November 3rd. You can check out a preview right here!



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