Developer Program Announced For NOOKcolor!

Recently, Barnes & Noble announced the NOOKcolor as the successor to their NOOK eReader, and now, they've announced the NOOK Developer Program. The program will give access to a NOOKcolor specific SDK, designed to assist developers and content providers in the creation of apps for the new device. Barnes & Noble says the apps will be available for sale/download in early 2011.

Don't worry gamers, it's going to help bring games to the platform too. However, our real excitement comes from the potential for comic books showing up on the NOOKcolor. Barnes & Noble hasn't really mentioned anything about comic books on their device, but we feel the platform could do the pages of our favorite stories a lot of justice, considering most of the current eReaders lack a color screen necessary to display the artwork of many comic book titles. Being able to hold a book-sized tablet in your hand could definitely provide a much better digital comic experience then squinting at the little screen of a PSP or mobile phone, and it would surely beat sitting at your computer, clicking the mouse around, zooming in and out in frustration.

With large selections of comics already available on the web from sites like comiXology, and (who are already working on an Android-based app!), NOOKcolor users could, very soon, be getting the comics they want in a nice clean digital format. Not only that, with features like LendMe already announced for select book titles, we may soon be able to share the latest issues with our friends, without the constant worry of cheese puff fingerprints and creased pages.

Barnes & Noble wants the NOOKcolor to "revolutionize they way people read," and with an open platform like Android we could see some pretty innovative applications in the comic book realm. Now we just have to hope the development community has comic books in mind.

Source: Fierce Mobile Content


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