REVIEW: Hasbro's Iron Man Mark IV Figure

Welcome to today’s review of Hasbro’s 6” Iron Man Mark IV figure! It’s exclusive to Wal-Mart and has just hit pegs in time to coincide with the release of Iron Man II on Blu-ray & DVD. In honor of ol’ Drunky Stark, have yourself a drink (or 5) and let’s get into the review!

For those unfamiliar with Iron Man, well… you might wanna seriously question your own geek-cred. However, the basic rundown is as follows: Tony Stark is a ridiculously-rich industrialist that specializes in making weapons through Stark Industries. While in a hostile nation during war-time (Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, or whatever the current ret-con is) he is seriously wounded and taken captive. His only chance of escape lies in creating a suit of armor that keeps his heart beating, and also allows him to fight his way to freedom. Upon returning to the U.S., Stark upgrades the armor and becomes Iron Man to fight evil and make up for the ills he's caused by being a war profiteer. Tony Stark also loves the ladies, and booze. Not necessarily in that order. That’s pretty much it in a nutshell folks… an awesome, red and gold nutshell.

The sculpt of this figure is the absolute BEST among all of the Iron Man toys released by Hasbro to date! The Mark IV armor is represented here in high detail. Every plate, rivet, and vent has been recreated in a very accurate representation of the movie-armor. The helmeted head is the same as we’ve seen from the previously released Mark VI armor, but the Tony Stark head is all new, as Robert Downey Jr.’s visage is represented in 6” form for the first time. The sculptors did a terrific job of capturing his likeness, and the air of swaggering cool that he brings to the character. The sunglasses are a separate piece, but have been permanently affixed to the face. The upper torso is also a brand new piece. It is beset with the round ARC reactor in the center, which is really the biggest designation that this is the Mark IV (the mark VI’s is triangular) version other then the paint scheme. The shoulder pads are also new and are shaped to better hug the bicep so they don’t raise up as far off the figure as previous versions. A lot of Iron Man’s mold has been seen before; but, doesn’t mean that isn’t just as great today as it was a few months ago.

The paintjob for the Golden Avenger is nice for a mass market figure. Iron Man’s armor is dominated primarily by deep metallic red with gold highlights throughout. The eyes, chest ARC reactor, and palm repulsors are decals, which keep the glowing effects nice and crisp. There are even a few instances where silver has been painted on the helmet to make it that much more screen accurate. The head of Tony Stark is molded in the flesh color of the face, while the glasses are molded in black plastic. The only paint apps are relegated to the hair (head, eyebrows, and roguish goatee). The eyebrows and goatee appear to be a tampograph, which is ideal when trying to capture Tony’s stylized facial hair consistently on thousands of figures. Overall, the paintwork is very tight, without much slop. The figure we reviewed had a little gold that overshot the lines of the jet port on the back of the lower leg, but it's not very noticeable unless holding the figure freakishly-close to your face. There was also a random blob of gold on the earpiece of the helmeted head, but a quick scratch with a fingernail and, “Ta-Da!” totally fixed.

Articulation-wise, this Iron Man figure shows just how capable Hasbro is at working movement into their figures. While G.I. JOE and Star Wars have managed to finalize great articulation models, Hasbro’s Marvel Universe and Legends have yet to fully find their footing in that regard. Well people, the day has come and hopefully Hasbro will uses these exclusive 6” figures as a basis for the upcoming re-launch of the 6” M.L. franchise. Just how good is the movement on the toy? Not only are all the joints tight; they also move smoothly and feature: a ball-jointed/hinged neck, hinged shoulderpads, swivel/hinge shoulders, swivel biceps, double-hinge elbows, swivel/hinge wrists, ball-joint torso (with upgraded movement from previous I.M. figures), swivel/hinge hips, swivel thighs, double-hinge knees, & ball-joint ankles.

Accessories are plentiful with this figure and it definitely gives you the sense of more bang for the buck! The Mark IV comes packaged with: 2 heads (one helmeted, and one ready to pick up a supermodel), 3 sets of interchangeable hands (fists, open palms, and semi-closed for grasping), and a missile launcher. Missile launcher? Yeah, we don’t know why either but we bet that kids’ll love the thing. The heads snap easily on and off the ball-jointed neck, but stay on tight enough that there’s no worry of them falling off, and they hold their position very well. The same can be said for the hands. They slip into holes in the forearms by pegs. Once snapped in, they turn easily and don’t attempt to fall out all willy-nilly.

So, that’s it. This review is over. Now you can rush out to your local Wal-Mart and grab one of these fantastic Iron Man figures off the shelf and add it to your collection of badass superheroes and/or alcoholic playboys. We here at MTV Geek! really can’t recommend this guy enough!


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