Google Tools To Help You Vote!

In lieu of the upcoming elections, Google recently made it easier for us common folk to find our polling stations and voice our opinions. Now, when you go to and search for things like "where to vote" or "polling place," you'll notice a special search box, at the top of your results.

All you have to do is type in the address from which you're registered to vote and you'll be redirected to a Google map that helps you locate your local polling stations and election offices, and also provides information on local candidates.

This new feature is powered by the new Google Election Center which allows candidates, or their assistants, to provide Google with data in order to create a specific set of search tools. Any candidate with a website can embed Google's Election Center gadget or use Google's gadget code or API to develop their own. There's also a special area in Google News with state-specific coverage to help us keep up with all the election season stories.

If you're in a hurry to get to the polls, Google has also developed a nice little mobile webpage as well, capable of providing all of this information on the go. Check out, for more on that!


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