REVIEW: Kick-Ass 2 #1

Kick-Ass 2 #1 starts out just as it should: with Dave Lizewski getting the s@#t knocked out of him! The beating this time though, is being doled out by Mindy McCready (Hit-Girl) as she trains Kick-Ass in the fine art of “The Beatdown”.

“C’mon you little p@$#y! Fight like a man!”

With those words, you know that you’ve been thrust right back into the same hardcore & hilarious world of Kick-Ass from the first mini-series. Mark Millar has once again taken on the duty of writing the adventures of Dave Lizewski as he awkwardly journeys through life as the titular hero. John Romita Jr. also returns to the world he helped create, by providing all of the fast-paced breakdown art for Tom Palmer to tighten up, flesh out, and ink up. Also on the Kick-Ass Team: Dean White brings the gritty color to the book, while Chris Eliopoulos letters all of the sweet, sweet profanity you know and love. With this combination of talent, Kick-Ass has a familiar, but upgraded look and feel.

This issue reintroduces readers to the lives of Kick-Ass and Hit-Girl. There have been a few new developments between the first mini-series the current book. The largest change being that there are now a lot of new superheroes patrolling the streets; however, Hit-Girl isn’t one of them. After an interesting talk with Marcus, she vows to stop all her vigilante ways and stay on the straight and narrow for the sake of her Mom. Kick-Ass is shown patrolling the streets with the new hero Doctor Gravity, who uses a "Gravity Pole" to make things 20 times their actual weight. Nah, even he admits that’s a lie. It’s just a baseball bat wrapped in tinfoil.

The two heroes get into a scuffle with some ruffians and then run away in realistic fashion; but not before Doctor Gravity invites Kick-Ass to come check out the possible formation of a super-team. Needless to say, Dave enthusiastically agrees. Probably a wise choice following the foreshadowing of possible Red Mist trouble-making

Dave’s current life is hashed out over the course of 2 pages, and brings everything up to the moment. The verdict: Kick-Ass’ civilian life sucks. He’s still not gotten the girl (this is where the first mini and the movie part ways), and it turns out Dave’s friends wanna get it on with Aunt May from the Spider-man films (the first movie NOT the sequels).

Issue #1 ends with Kick-Ass meeting a whole group of like-minded individuals calling themselves Justice Forever. So far, the 2nd outing of this book is off to a terrific start! While new readers aren’t required to read the previous mini to enjoy this issue; if you know what’s gone down previously, you’ll be hyped up that much more!

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