NYCC: Mattel's Green Lantern Series 2 Announced!

Here we are in the midst of NYCC madness, and Mattel unleashes a bevy of first looks at some of their hottest toy lines! Green Lantern Classics Series 1 still hasn’t hit shelves yet, but that doesn’t mean Matty is waiting around. These figures look amazing and feature some wicked character designs. Plus, we’re finally getting a Dex-Starr figure. NOTHING is quite as terrifying as a cat the pukes blood. Below is the release info from Matty himself on the mattycollector website:

Here’s your first official look at the second wave of dedicated Green Lantern comic-style figures! Includes interchangeable heads and hands on the two Green Lantern characters (Nautkeiloi and Medphyll), as well as the two Red Lantern characters (Skallox and Night Lik). Night Lik is an all new character created by the Four Horsemen and named by Geoff Johns. He will appear in an upcoming issue of Green Lantern, but appears first as a Mattel toy in the Green Lantern Classics line! This wave also includes a 3-pack of mini-characters: B'dg as a Green Lantern, Dex-Starr the Red Lantern, and Despotellis the Sinestro Corps member. The sixth and final figure is a Green Lantern movie preview figure, in movie style. For now, we can only show it in shadow… look for the full reveal in January in an issue of Toy Fare magazine!