Robot Chicken Robot Review

Action features. They're rarely used nowadays. Instead, articulation and sculpt rule while action features are mostly reserved for "children's toys".  However, sometimes an action feature comes along that spurs man's imagination and brings about a new way of seeing the very reality we all share. THIS friends, is one of those action features. Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to a review for Jazwares' figure of The Robot (with Washing Machine) from their Robot Chicken line!

What’s that you ask? What’s the big deal about a tin-can robot and his Maytag accessory?  Two words people: Action Hips!  You see, this addition to the action figure allows him to dry hump something, someone... anything really.

"Washing machine?" Yep.

"Family pet?" Of course.

"He-Man?" You betcha.

"A whiskey bottle?" Sure thing.

"Baseball card?" Check.

"A double cheeseburger?" Hells Yeah!

As for the included accessories, you just wind the rod sticking out of the robot's back (after plugging his feet into the pegs on the base and his hands into the sides of the washing machine) and then watch him go to town. It’s a simple act which will unleash at least a few chuckles from even the most jaded of human beings.

The sculpt is spot-on, or is at least rrreeeeaaalllyyy close.  Considering it’s based off of a twenty second scene during a first season episode of Robot Chicken, the memory tends to get a little hazy.  Adult Swim, which airs on Cartoon Network, is a haven for high-brow comedic stylings and this figure manages to class up any room by his mere presence.  The sculptors brought out his mesh of metallic AND clay-animated appearance from the show (And the washing machine is also well done. It is quite cubed and washing-machine-like.)

The paint on the Robot (who shall now be known as Carl for the rest of the review) is surprisingly simple, but effective nonetheless.  Carl appears to have been painted with a metallic-base that separates as it's applied.  Aluminum paint is known for this, although Jazwares probably used something a little safer to ingest than that.  Most likely he was painted with a silver base coat, and then metallic black/gray was liberally applied.  He benefits greatly from the application and it gives the look of old, worn, metal oil drums.  Other than the metallic parts, the only other color comes from his eyes, painted red and cleanly applied.  Even though he has red eyes, Carl doesn't appear to be evil... just desperate, and oddly satisfied.  The base and washing machine are molded in the proper colors so paint has been skipped for the most part.  The door to the washing machine is gray and there is a brushstroke of a lighter color in the middle to give the effect of a reflection.  It looks like someone got a little lazy until you realize that it is exactly how it looks on the ol' idiot box.

If Carl's made for humpin' then he’s gotta be able to move, right? That's where his articulation comes into play.  None of his joints are necessarily the same as seen on most current toys.  Carl wasn't made for fighting or crouching though.  Nope, his joints are positioned and used for one purpose and one purpose only: gettin' it on! As per the usual, here's the list of articulation points:  ball-joint head, limited and spring-loaded swivel/hinge shoulders, swivel/hinge wrists (for the groping), hinged waist (for the sexy rocking action), swivel/hinge hips, & swivel/hinge ankles.

This one of those figures that all your friends will enjoy, unless they're horribly prudish or have a hatred/fear of our robot overlords.  Jazwares is onto something here, and hopefully there will be plenty more Robot Chicken figures to come... so Carl can hump them.