NYCC Exclusive NYCC White Lantern Hal Jordan!

Now the circle is complete. With the release of the White Lantern Hal Jordan figure, Graphitti Designs has now finished up the series of Hal dressed in every color of the emotional spectrum. Unlike the SDCC Black Lantern version, this White version has been seen in the teaser posters for Brightest Day and could very well get some page-time in the series. The figure appears to use a different sculpt than the previous figures, and also has a snazzy pearl-white paint job. A White Lantern ring is also included with the figure, so you too can bring life to the universe… or whatever that thing does. Of course, getting one of these figures involves the same ticket/wristband/que that they’ve employed in the past, so you might wanna make your way to the booth fairly early.

Speaking of rings, Graphitti will also have Lantern Corps Rings with every color represented, and for sale. These rings feature sweet LED lights, so you can simulate the effect of creating wickedly-deadly ring constructs without all the messy property damage and clean up. No need for a wristband to buy these, but they are limited to 5 rings per person for the Will (Green), and 2 rings per person for all other colors.