Crossovers We Want To See: Uncanny X-Force/Authority

Uncanny X-Force/Authority: Blood on the Floor

Welcome to Crossovers We Want to See, a fairly self-explanatory recurring feature in which we pitch the meeting of a pair of characters or teams from different comic companies. Playing editor, we'll dream up writer and artist combinations and basic story points.

Written by Rick Remender

Drawn by Frank Quitely

While on one of their many trips through the Bleed, The Authority wind up in the modern day 616 Marvel Universe and find themselves in the middle of a battle between the X-Men and members of the mutant-hating Purifiers in civilian clothes. Thinking that a group of super powered beings are beating up on regular folks, the Authority jump in and a huge brawl ensues. The X-Men barely get away with their lives thanks to Nightcrawler teleporting them out of the battle. Cyclops, not happy with what seems like a new group of superbeings attacking mutants, sends the Uncanny X-Force members after the Authority. One of the more savage battles in the history of comics transpires, with Wolverine going toe to toe with Midnighter, Psylocke and Swift throwing down and everyone else tussling like the down and dirty fighters they are. Eventually, our two teams of heroes reason out what happened and go their separate ways. The Authority offers to help take out the Purifiers and the rest of the X-Men's enemies out of respect for the team, but Wolverine and his squad say “thanks but not thanks,” this is something mutants have to do for themselves. The Authority get in the Carrier and head back into the Bleed while both teams tend to their wounds.

Sure, Authority  #27, dropping this week, will be going on an indefinite hiatus along with the rest of the WildStorm line, but that doesn't mean these timeless badasses can't throw down in some crossover action with the brand new Uncanny X-Force line-up (consisting of Wolverine, Psylocke, Fantomex, the ubiquitous Deadpool and Archangel). That's the beauty of them being able to time travel in the Carrier! This would be a good, old fashioned “misunderstanding leads to two super-teams beating the hell out of each other” crossover which might seem a little obvious, but come on, that's what the people want to see!

We chose Rick Remender as the writer because he's writing Uncanny X-Force and has proven he can do drop down drag out fights better than lots of other cats on the scene. Plus, if he can make this book—which premieres this week—work, then we're guessing he can handle the Authority and their tenuous-at-best relationships. And, really, does it get any better than Frank Quitely drawing anything? He's done The Authority in the past and he drew a good chunk of Grant Morrison's New X-Men so he's familiar with both sets of characters, but the dude's gotten even better on books like All Star Superman and Batman and Robin, so we'd love to see him return to these characters and really flex his muscles. We'd bet someone else's money that this crossover would sell roughly a billion copies.