Mullets & Mayhem: Play Art's Snake

He makes women swoon and men feel inadequate. He’s Snake from Metal Gear Solid Peacewalker, and he’s here for two things: business in the front & a party in the back! That's right folks, everyone's favorite mullet-sporting-covert-ass-kicker (the non-cloned version) has been released as a 10 inch figure from Square Enix' Play Arts line, and today we're gonna scope him out.

As fans of the Metal Gear franchise already know, this ain’t your Daddy's Solid Snake. No sir, this is Snake's Daddy.  He just goes by Snake, or Naked Snake (ugh)...or Big Boss.  Therefore, the word "snake" will be used approximately 80 times in this review.  Metal Gear Solid Peacewalker was released recently on the PSP and fills in some of the MGS timeline during the 80's when Snake was running his own little mercenary group.  There's a ton more to it than that, but really this is about the figure so who cares, right?

Sculpt-wise Snake is on par, if not above, the other figures that Square Enix has released.  The attention to the source material is very thorough and it shows.  Snake is a 100% new sculpt and looks every bit the way creator Hideo Kojima envisioned in the video game series.  The construction of the figure is hidden by the sculptural details of the suit and web gear and all of the laces, rivets, and stitching are present on the suit; but, the biggest feature is the head.  Snake's head-sculpt is a perfect rendition of the game's main character. The eyepatch, facial hair, trademark headband, and full-on mulleted hairdo all mesh seamlessly to create Snake in 3 dimensions.  The body proportions are well done considering the super-articulated nature of the figure...but he does seem to have fat thighs.  The holster and waist harness hide any overlap though, so its not nearly as noticeable as you'd think.  It helps to think his thunder-thighs are just due to all the ass kickings he dishes out on a regular basis.

The paint work used on Big Boss is top notch as well.  Liberal use of airbrushing has been used, especially on the suit, to give a nice fading effect that highlights the sculptural details while still maintaining the dark "stealthy" look needed for the character.  The paint job on Snake's web gear is especially of note since it gives the appearance of actual cloth. No kidding. Its f'n ridiculous just how realistic the harness looks! Pictures do NOT do it justice.  Snake's shoulders feature stamped logos for both FOX and Militares Sans Frontieres.  They are cleanly applied with no fuzz or overlap of the paint.  Naked's head, once again, is a highlight in this category.  The attention to detail and coloring techniques give it the appearance of a higher-end collectible in the same vein as Hot Toys or Sideshow's 12" figures. Its so damn realistic, its like having your own freakishly-miniature covert-ops assassin hanging out on your shelf, just lookin' for trouble...and women.

Articulation on this guy far exceeds expectations.  Just how many P.O.A.s does he have? About fourty-thousand.  You read that right, Snake has fourty-thousand points of articulation. What? He doesn't?! Yeah, you're probably right. Hes got a crap-ton though, and here's the list: Ball-jointed head, swivel/hinge shoulders, hinged inner shoulders, swivel biceps, double-swivel/hinge elbows, hinged elbow covers (to hide the elbow joint), swivel/hinge wrists, ball-joint mid torso, ball-joint waist, ball-joint hips, swivel upper thighs, swivel mid thighs, double-hinged knees, ball-joint ankles, & swivel mid feet.  All of his joints are smooth and some are even "click joints".  The plastic he's made out of is soft enough that he moves well, but hard enough that the joint stay in the positions you put them into.

Snake is packaged with a few accessories.  He comes with two extra hands that are sculpted with trigger fingers at the ready.  They match up to the rest of the paint and easily swap out with the other hands by popping them off at the wrist's ball-joint.  Two 45 caliber pistols are also snugly in the blister. One comes with a silencer attached and the other... doesn't.  The one without fits nicely in Snake's leg holster for safe keeping, while the silenced one stays in his hand…for all the killing.  Big Boss also is equipped with a riot shield.  It mounts on his arm through the use of an included strap.  It's made of clear plastic and features the mercenary's team name emblazoned across it in white lettering.  All of the accessories work well, but it's a shame that Snake's belt pouch doesn't open since it'd be a great place to store the extra hands when not in use. Also with C.Q.C. (close quarters combat) being such a large part of the games, its surprising that Snake didn't also get a knife.

It's nice to finally have a figure from the Metal Gear series that is both affordable AND super-poseable.  Big Boss is a helluva fighter and this figure gives you the option to set him up in any fighting stance used in the game quite easily.  Another release is slated for the end of the year with Snake wearing his combat fatigues, but if you like the stealth look and/or the look reminiscent of Solid Snake, then this is the figure for you.