TOY REVIEW: Sinestro Corps Batman

Batman sells.  With that fact in mind, this figure coulda been a big ole lump of crap with a Bat-symbol painted on it.  Yep, just a piece of crap, crammed haphazardly into a blister package and shipped out to stores.  Ugh.  Thankfully that's not the case.  However, Batman's sheer selling power will still cause this little-known version of the Caped Crusader to disappear from pegs, and into the night, quicker than ummm... Batman!

Mattel released this figure to the bewilderment of fans.  He's based from a page (or two) in DC Comics' Green Lantern #17, and that's it.  As Sinestro built his Corps, yellow rings were spewed forth all over the cosmos with the sole purpose of searching out individuals capable of causing tremendous fear. Wouldn't ya know it; Bruce Wayne was one of the first round draft picks!  Of course, his badassery knows no bounds and he quickly tore the ring from his finger.  The Sinestro Corps uniform morphed it's way over Batman's body before the ring was removed... but, it didn't quite look like this figure.  Comic-accuracy be damned, cause this figure is still a Four Horsemen-sculpted masterpiece!

Speaking of sculpt: its good. In fact, its so good that its mostly been used over and over for the Dark Knight since Wave 1. The head, forearms, right hand, and crotch are the only newly sculpted parts on this guy.  This is DCUC though, so no surprises here. Hell, Mattel practically invented the buck system and most figures in the line still feature enough new additions to stand out from their peers.

The new head was very needed. After what seemed like the millionth Batman release since the line's inception, we finally have a new pissed-off mug sittin' atop the neck of justice!  That's right, this time Mr. Wayne looks like hes ready to tear someone's head off... or possibly just smelled a fart. Either way, a butt-kickin' is on the way! The brow line is creased and his lips are open in a wicked snarl; definitely adding some attitude to the mostly stoic faces that perpetuate the line.

As for the rest of the first-time pieces:  The forearms have been changed, through the power of the ring, into ribbed metallic gauntlets.  The spikes normally seen on his gloves are still there, but now look as if they could slice a man wide open with one swing of his arm.  The right hand is balled into a tight fist and sports the infamous yellow ring. The ring is molded well, and you can fully make out the Sinestro Corps logo engraved into it.  Apparently, ring constructs are the only gadgets you need, cause the familiar utility belt is long gone.  Instead, his waist is now girded with a semi-circle of silver bands just like the rest of the Corps.

The paint on Bats is very well done. As you know from your time with crayons, mixing yellow and black is a heart-wrenching proposition.  The same holds true for painting the line edges on these figures, and it's a credit to Mattel's factory for doing such a bang up job on keeping the two colors separate as well as they did. The face has two shades of skin tone and each tooth is even painted without any slop.  The suit itself features the yellow "spikes" that appear down the middle of the chest and cascade around the shoulders.  The lines here are mostly very tight, with only a tiny bit of fuzzing in a couple of spots.  Batman's armband is painted on, while the yellow of his boots run the lines of the sculpted tops neatly. The boots are interesting in that the lower legs were molded in yellow with black paint being applied to the upper calves and knees.  Like the face, the yellow also sports two shades in order to show more of the sculptural detail and to tone down the brightness.  The gauntlets are also molded in their metallic color, and the same can be said for the added waist garnish.  The only other painted piece is the yellow ring and it was done expertly on the figure we purchased.  The Sinestro Corps symbol is tampographed onto the chest and armband. It's very clear and neat, but the symbol on our armband is upside down.  Is this Batman's way of stickin' it to the man?  Probably not.

Nothing new on the articulation front this time around.  Sometimes though, keeping to the status quo is perfectly acceptable; this being one of those times.  Sinestro Corps Batman has: a ball-joint head (which actually works!), swivel/hinge shoulders, hinge elbows, swivel wrists, hinged torso, swivel waist, swivel/hinge hips, swivel mid-thighs, hinged knees, & hinged ankles. Sadly, the ankles don't swivel so putting both feet flat on the floor in a wide-leg fighting stance ain't gonna happen.  All the joints on the figure we have are tight and don't seem to have any problems at the time of this review.

Batman comes packaged with a button (with brand new art of this costume), Validus' torso (to connect the C&C figure), and a Batarang light construct (for smashin' into Hal's smug little face!).  The Batarang is made out of a translucent plastic and fits over the ring-slingin' hand to appear as if its bursting forth full of energy.  While the plastic is not as clear as John Stewart's constructs, its still cool to have more weapons for the various Corps members.

Overall, Sinestro Corps Batman is a nice addition to the line and shows that the Four Horsemen might be able to come up with some impressive new takes on our old favorites, if given the opportunity.  There IS a possibility we'll end up seeing this version of Bats as DC's Brightest Day event comes to its explosive end.  Probably a good thing for Sinestro that Bruce isn’t currently in the Corps. We all know he’d be runnin’ that s@#t in no time.


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