Tim Seely On The Horror Of Hack/Slash

Since 2004, Cassie Hack has been going to toe-to-toe (or bat-to-machete) with the evilest, most brutal of horror movie slashers both classic and created. From demented doll, Chucky to Re-Animator's Herbert West. Tim Seely, the writer and artist behind Hack/Slash has plunged his "final girl" Cassie and her "gentle giant" partner, Vlad into the craziest, bloodiest and most fun scenarios in horror comics today.

The seeds of the series were planted while Seely was sick in bed around Halloween and found himself watching horror movie marathon after horror movie marathon. "There's a world here. It all takes place in the same place and they all have the same rules," he realized. "It kind of just became the universe of the horror movie sequel was just one place, and here's this girl and her friend who walk around in it."

When asked to describe his heroine, Cassie Hack, Seely said that she is, "the girl that got through the first movie and comes back in the second one, in this case, hunting down the all the slashers basically in the rest of this slasher universe." He continued, "She's a very awkward, disconnected teenager."

After many years at Devil's Due Publishing, Seely packed up his chainsaws, masks and knives and moved his universe to Image Comics where a new run of Hack/Slash books is set to roll, starting with the Cassie origin story, My First Maniac. "New company, a great group of guys to work with and the awesome history of Image Comics with all the other great creator-owned books. Ya know, it doesn't hurt to be in the same part of the catalog as Walking Dead."

Seely said that My First Maniac and the other new Hack/Slash stories are designed to help bring in new readers. "We put out easy access mini-series that even if you never read the books, if you didn't know anything about the characters, it was something that you could pick up."

But Seely admitted that starting this new series is ironically, a pretty scary endeavor, "It will involve tons of planning and work, and I'm scared to even start it," he said. "Airplane home form New York will be when I start writing stuff," he joked.

Just in time for Halloween, We have an exclusive look at the first full issue from Hack/Slash: My First Maniac from Image Comics!

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