The First FAA Certified Flying Car!

Ever since we were little kids, watching the Jetsons or Back to the Future 2, we've wanted flying cars. The glorious freedom of taking off into the wild blue yonder, loop-de-looping our ways through the clouds always seemed like the epitome of excellence. Now, after so many years of daydreaming, we may be one step closer to taking to the skies whenever we damn-well please.

A non-profit organization, Indigenous Peoples' Technology and Education Center, has spent the last six years developing a vehicle prepared for on-road, off-road and off-off road transportation. Known by the Tom Cruise-y moniker, the Maverick, it's basically a large, Subaru powered, dune buggy with a parachute. I'm sure some of you have seen those little fan powered go-karts before, but this is a full-fledged, FAA-certified flying car! Anyone with a driver's license can take this sucker down the road, it's completely street legal, and if you obtain a sport pilot license you'll be flying out of traffic in no time.

What makes this vehicle so unique is the users' ability to fly and drive with the same controls--a simple steering wheel, gas pedal and brake. Literally, with the flip of a switch the car can go from driving down a dusty trail, to taking flight without ever letting go of the steering wheel. I-TEC says anyone who drives on a regular basis will only need a few hours of training before flying the Maverick.

I-TEC currently plans on using the vehicle to transport medicine and other necessities to and from remote areas like those in the Amazon and Ecuador, but says that the vehicle could serve various other purposes such as paroling borders to extreme sporting. This little birdie comes with the hefty price tag of $80,000! But I-TEC believes that once people start buying them, the production price could go down.


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