Coon and Friends Look To Save South Park

By Brandon Freeberg

If you haven’t seen the preview for tonight’s episode of South Park, you should check it out as The Coon makes his triumphant return.

In the follow up to Season 13’s “The Coon,” it appears that more vigilante crime fighters have sprung up in South Park, joining the furry fighter (whose real identity Park County police believe is either Bruce Vilanch or Harvey Feinstein) and town hero Mysterion (identity still unknown) to rid the trash can of society of its garbage.

Where the first episode, (you can watch it in its entirety on South Park’s website right now:, which premiered in March, 2009, was a play on the previous year’s highest grossing film, The Dark Knight, tonight’s episode looks like it will play on the upcoming Avengers movie (with the preview clip giving a small nod to Batman and the Outsiders).

The big question is which villain (or villains) will the newly formed squad be squaring off against? You can never count out Professor Chaos and General Disarray being in the mix, and perhaps they could be forming their own evil super group of destruction.

What’s almost certain is that with the Coon and Mysterion both being in the episode there shouldn’t be any shortage on overly dramatic, deep Christian Bale, Batman-esque voice narration.

Make sure to tune-in to Comedy Central tonight at 10/9c for tonight’s episode.

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