The Creepiest Halloween BOO-ard Games!

Looking for something different to try on Halloween? Zombies, Vampires, and all things spooky aren’t just for movies and books; they make for some great board and card games as well. Face it, you are a little old for trick-or-treating, so grab a few drinks, pull up a chair, and break out one of these great games.

Last Night on Earth

Zombies are everywhere these days, but even if you are on the verge of Zombie-burnout, rest assured that Last Night on Earth is the best of its the genre. Players can take on the role of small town heroes or the zombies themselves in this fast-paced survival horror board game. It makes the perfect game for a Halloween gathering, as it even comes with its own spooky soundtrack CD! The board is modular, and the game includes several different missions to play through, so its huge replay value can entertain a group for hours. If Zombies are your thing, Last Night on Earth is all you need. [Flying Frog Productions]

Arkham Horror

Step into 1920’s America and the world of H.P. Lovecraft’s Call of Cthulhu mythos. For those unfamiliar, Cthulhu is a colossal and ancient extraterrestrial being known most for the pure terror it instills in anyone who should lay eyes upon it. Up to eight players cooperate to close down portals to Cthulhu’s homeworld, while battling monsters and upgrading their characters along the way. Arkham Horror is an epic of a game, and the tension will run high as players spend hours in anticipation of a final showdown with the Ancient One. [Fantasy Flight Games]

Betrayal at House on the Hill

Enter a haunted mansion that players will build tile-by-tile as the game progresses, and frightening spirits lurk around every corner. One player is secretly working against the group though, and upon being revealed, must survive the combined attack of his or her former allies. Betrayal at House on the Hill is another quick game, as it clocks in around one hour. Conveniently, a new edition of the game has just been reprinted in time for Halloween, so for gamers who’ve played it all, this is the freshest experience on our list. [Avalon Hill]

Zombie Dice

The most portable and easiest to learn of all games on our list, Zombie Dice is the perfect game to break out while a group is gathering and the party is just waiting to get started. Zombie Dice is a simple “push your luck” dice rolling game where players roll three dice at a time in hopes of getting brains to eat, while avoiding shotgun blasts. Each player can roll as many times as they want before passing the dice and banking their points (brains), but if they roll three shotguns, they’ll lose all the points they earned this turn. You don’t need to be a serious gamer to enjoy this one, so it’s perfect for a gathering with non-gamer friends. [Steve Jackson Games]

Dungeons & Dragons: Castle Ravenloft

Looking to get your RPG fix, but have a group who’d laugh at the idea? The new line of D&D board games is the perfect way to get a taste of RPG mechanics while enjoying a well-made board game. Taking place in the classic vampire-themed Ravenloft setting, this game screams Halloween with its onslaught of gruesome and frightening Gary Gygax-inspired creatures. Playing Castle Ravenloft will be second nature to a Dungeons & Dragons player, but easy enough for anyone with an ounce of geek cred to jump in the game, making it a great final choice for our list of games you and your group should give a try this Halloween. [Wizard of the Coast]


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