Crossovers We Want To See: Gorilla Man Vs. Gorilla Grodd

Welcome to Crossovers We Want to See, a fairly self-explanatory recurring feature in which we pitch the meeting of a pair of characters or teams from different comic companies. Playing editor, we'll dream up writer and artist combinations and basic story points.

Gorilla-Man/Gorilla Grodd: Going Ape (One-Shot)

Written by Jeff Parker

Drawn by Art Adams

Synopsis: Many years ago, while on safari in the African jungle, “Gorilla-Man” Ken Hale stumbles across the fabled, technologically advanced Gorilla City. At first Hale feels like he's found a new home surrounded by fellow talking apes, and he finds a kinship with the city's ruler and hero Solovar, but the sinister Grodd stages a coup and everything goes to hell. Solovar and Hale team up to take on Grodd, but Gorilla-Man finds himself a bit out of his league when the Gorilla City inhabitants bandy about their telepathic abilities and Grodd uses him to attack his new friend. Recalling a technique his former Atlas teammate, Marvel Boy, taught him, Hale breaks free and uses his superior fighting skills and mental blocks to defeat Grodd. Expecting a hero's welcome for his efforts against Grodd, Hale instead is treated as an enemy for his perceived attack on Solovar. Rather than pleading his case Hale walks away, returning to the jungle while Grodd plots his next attack.

This week's match-up pits Marvel's Gorilla-Man Ken Hale of Atlas fame against perennial DC villain ape Gorilla Grodd who both have big books coming out this week (Atlas #5 and Action Comics #893, respectively). For the uninitiated, Hale became Gorilla-Man way back in 1954's Men's Adventure #26. He's your basic “adventurer who killed the previous Gorilla-Man thus becoming the new Gorilla-Man” character who combines his gorilla strength and brilliant tactical mind while fighting alongside the Agents of Atlas. Grodd showed up a few years later in 1959's Flash #106 and has bee using his telepathic abilities to fight the Flash and just about every other hero in the DC Universe ever since.

As far as creative talent, we picked Jeff Parker because he not only brought Gorilla-Man back to the comic world’s consciousness with 2006's Agents of Atlas miniseries (and has written just about every appearance since), but also because he's a damn good writer who has a penchant for making ridiculous-on-paper concepts, like this one, work. And who better to draw a book full of gorillas than the number one ape artist in the known world: Art Adams, who’s Monkeyman and O'Brien and various covers solidified his right to that title long ago? Adams returned to drawing interiors with this year's Ultimate X, so a one-shot shouldn't be too hard for him to add to the schedule, right? Heck, he could add Monkeyman and O'Brien if he wanted to make it a three-way crossover, we wouldn't mind!