Crossovers We Want To See: Carnage Vs. Azrael

Welcome to Crossovers We Want to See, a fairly self-explanatory recurring feature in which we pitch the meeting of a pair of characters or teams from different comic companies. Playing editor, we'll dream up writer and artist combinations and basic story points.

Carnage/Azrael: My Soul To Keep

Written by Grant Morrison

Drawn by Phil Jimenez

On a dark and stormy night, Carnage—the psychopathic symbiote--leaves New York behind to try his hand at killing Gothamites. With Batman off on other business and the other heroes occupied with their own problems, Azrael stands alone against Spider-Man's most dangerous foe with nothing but his flaming swords, Suit of Sorrows and training as a replacement Batman to keep him alive and the city safe, which is no small task because Carnage has a major mad-on and wants to take it out on some fresh blood. As it turns out, Azrael's swords have a surprising effect on Carnage once the hero finally catches up to the mass murderer. Lots of slashing tendrils and scotch marks ensue as this pair duke it out, but don't expect Spider-Man or Batman to show up at the last minute and save the day, though we would like to see those polar opposites comparing notes at the very end.

With Carnage making a triumphant return to the Marvel Universe in Carnage #1 this week after being ripped in half by the Sentry in outer space and Azrael hitting issue #13 after being relaunched around the time of Batman's death, it seems like the perfect opportunity to pitch series starring these two dudes created to take the place of other characters (Venom and Batman respectively) with edgier motives and agendas. Letting someone really cut loose with these two who were designed to do just that would be amazing to watch.

We're aiming sky high with this creative team, but who better to write a gonzo story involving Batman characters than the Caped Crusader's architect for the past few years Grant Morrison? We wouldn't even be offended if one of the greatest minds in the history of comics ditched our outline and went his own route with the story. Get a combination of that big super awesomeness from Batman or JLA and include it with some of the craziness of New X-Men and Invisibles and we'll be jazzed. Morrison tends to work with a certain crop of artists, but hasn't done anything with Phil Jimenez in a bit, so we'd like to see them team up, double points for Jimenez' involvement because he's drawn both characters before. This would be another sure fire hit for both Marvel and DC if they could just get along!


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