Morning Glories #3 Teaser!

We've seen this message before.

Tease tease tease...

What does it all mean?

Hopefully we'll find out when issue 3 of the smash-hit series "Morning Glories" hits stores on October 20th.

From the official Image Comics website:

While the rest of the Glories prepare for their first day of classes, Jade finds herself trapped in the Nurse's office and about to undergo a ghastly procedure. But when she attempts to make her escape, she stumbles across the deadliest secret yet found within the hallowed halls of Morning Glory Academy!

"Morning Glories" #3 is written by Nick Spencer, drawn by Joe Eisma and features cover work by Rodin Esquejo.

Grab this sucker while you can. As we've seen with previous issues, the "Glories" don't stick around for very long.


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