PREVIEW: Jason's Isle of 100,000 Graves

By David Paggi

After recently dropping the amazing Werewolves of Montpellier on American audiences via Fantagraphics, Norwegian cartoonist, Jason, has posted the cover and an interior page from his newest, Isle of 100,00 Graves, due out next year. On Isle Jason will be teaming up with writer Fabien Vehlmann (Who actually worked with Sean Phillips on 7 Psychopaths for BOOM! Studios recently).

For anybody not familiar with his work, Jason (Yup, just Jason) draws in a signature anthropomorphic, deadpan style that delivers both humor and pathos in ways most cartoonists only dream of. He has won Eisner awards for his comics The Left Bank Gang, which re-imagined the American literary expatriates in France as bank robbing cartoonists, and I Killed Adolf Hitler, a poignant tale of a time-traveling hit man. His quirky western, Low Moon, which replaced shootouts with chess games, ran in the New York Times Magazine and was collected with other original short work in a book of the same title from Fantagraphics. In addition to Isle, in the next year or so, Fantagraphics will be releasing another collection of shorter work as well as collection of older and out of print work called What I Did. Keep an eye on Jason’s blog, Cats Without Dogs for more news, art and incredibly entertaining movie reviews.

Check out the preview:


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