10 Things I Learned At This Year's New York Comic Con

1.  The Javits Center is truly enormous, yet Comic Con was still more crowded than an old school college house party with a free band playing in the basement.

2.  The attention to detail some fans put into their costumes is mind blowing.  The fact that their exquisitely detailed Deadpool costume is made for a 320+ lb. man is slightly odd, however.

3.  Albert Moy has been trying to sell the same original Batman cover art for $65,000 for the last 10 years.

4.  Thousands of people will wait in line for almost 4 hours to meet the legendary Stan Lee without blinking an eye.

5.  Artist's Alley is a really weird place.

6.  A slightly warm pretzel and a 20 oz. Diet Coke will run you $10.

7.  Former MTV Alum and extreme narcissist Morgan Spurlock is even more annoying in person than he was in Super Size Me.

8.  A vendor needn't have a product even remotely connected to geek culture to hock their wares.  (I'm looking right at you lady who was selling winter hats for pets.)

9.  There is tons of free swag being given away.  99.8% of which is complete garbage.

10.  I honestly can't wait to go back again next year.


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