'The Man' Wants You!

Are you an artist or writer?

Do you like other worlds and dimensions?

Are you from from other worlds or dimensions?

Are you a massive geek who loves geekdom and wants to work on a comic created by a living legend?

Then you just might be perfect!

In his interview with MTV Geek! Stan Lee teased his involvement in a cutting edge contest that will help him find the "perfect writer or artist" to work on "The Seekers," the newly announced collaboration between Stan himself and MTV Comics. The precise plot of "Seekers" is being kept under-wraps but Stan says it's an idea that been bubbling in that brilliant brain of his for some time. "We're trying to find the perfect writer and the perfect artist to do a sort of digital, internet kind of comic book," Lee said. "It's a very exciting project, and I'm very excited…but it doesn't take much to get me excited."

Stan went on to announce that the geeks are officially the rulers of Earth! Isn't that awesome? Feel free to celebrate quietly and indoors like good little geek boys and girls. Maybe play an extra round of Settlers of Catan, or rip open that super-rare White Lantern toy you bought this weekend and take that sucker to the tub! We've done it! "People today want to be geeks, they want to belong to this group that is striving and achieving and so envied by none-geeks…" Lee said. He went on to add, "Hooray for MTV Geek!"

Couldn't agree more!

Keep it here for more details on how you yes YOU can potentially land the sweetest gig in the biz as the next great artist or writer for Stan Lee and MTV Comics!


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