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11 J.Law-isms That Would Bring Pure Joy To This Awards Season

Make it happen, Jennifer.

Jennifer Lawrence is almost always the buzziest babe on the block, but now that she's given the critics yet another performance to celebrate in the coming awards season -- that is, her newest David O. Russell pic "Joy" -- we really have to prepare ourselves for the possibility that we're about to again experience J.Law hyperdrive with another season full of prizes with her name on them.

And we're sooooooo OK with that.

In fact, we've got the essential J.Law awards season activity check list right here, and we're ready to start ticking these bad boys off.

  1. Another hallelujah at home pic

    Remember that epic behind-the-scenes photo of Jennifer Lawrence and her family (and ex-beau Nicholas Hoult) hanging out in their PJs and watching as she received her first Oscar nomination for "Winter's Bone"? Well, we've had two more noms (and a win) since then, but sadly, this hasn't happened again ... yet. But thanks to her new bestie Amy Schumer, we have a feeling the next time Jen's name gets called, it'll make it to social media somehow. Please let this happen.

  2. Middle fingering the crowd

    The bird bird bird, the bird is the word ... and Jennifer knows this all too well, as her 2013 post-Oscars press conference proved. If she makes it onto the podium again this awards season, we think it might be prime time for some more of her signature flippage.

  3. A joke that goes "whoosh" right over everyone else's heads

    Jennifer's "I beat Meryl" moment was lost on a lot of folks, but to us, it was sheer perfection in a "First Wives Club"-labeled bottle. More of this, please.

  4. Random co-star embarrassment sessions

    There's nothing that Jennifer Lawrence is better at than embarrassing the sh-t out of her co-star BFFs, and since Josh Hutcherson probably won't be around to receive some more of her unique play-punishment, perhaps B.Coop (or even Robert DeNiro) should be next in line for some homegrown hilarity.

  5. Photobombing somebody famous

    J.Law's photobombing skills are on-freakin'-point, and we hope she revives a little more creep action this awards season again.

  6. Falling down, AGAIN

    At this point, falling down is pure J.Law canon, and where it might make others suffer a case of sudden eyeroll onset, we quite like it when our stumble sister does her worst.

  7. Perpetual food obsession

    When it comes to food, Jen is all of us, and she's not afraid to admit that when it comes to all her awards season dieting, the struggle is REAL. Tell us more about cheeseburgers, J.Law. We're listening.

  8. Which leads us to PIZZA

    Ellen was a goddamn genius for ordering pizza at the 2014 Oscars, and nobody loved it more than Jennifer Lawrence. Someone bring this child a slice once she's collected her prize and we can almost guarantee she'll cherish it even more than the trophy.

  9. Keeping no shame in her game

    Jennifer Lawrence's constant willingness to give exactly zero f--ks is the gift that keeps on giving. Like that time she waggled her arm fat for the crowd because she could and it was one of the most wonderful moments in all of J.Law.

  10. Making goo eyes at Jack Nicholson/Jeff Bridges/Meryl Streep/whoever

    Jen is really never cuter than when she goes full-on fangirl over whichever idol(s) her new position as the Queen of Hollywood affords her. We've seen her lose all chill multiple times before, but it's really not something we can ever get tired of watching. Kind of like her movies.

  11. Another epic selfie

    J.Law was a big factor in making that iconic Ellen selfie that broke every record known to the Twitterverse, but if J.Law herself took the pic next time, well, we'd finally discover the thing that finally breaks the internet once and for all.

  12. Sneeze-n-steeze

    Only Jennifer Lawrence could pull off Dior Haute Couture while suffering from the flu. For serious. Sniffles or not, she was a shoo-in for the Golden Globes in 2013, so she put on her big girl drawers aka that insane red dress and stunned from under the weather. Hopefully, she'll remain healthy throughout this year's escapades but if the fever does strike again, we hope she'll muster up the same wherewithal as she did then.