Watch Carrie Underwood Wax Justin Bieber In Her New Video

Her 'Heartbeat' gives us 'The Feeling' vibes.

Who knew Carrie Underwood was such a Belieber?

Her new video for "Heartbeat," which debuted at Yahoo! on Tuesday (Dec. 1), features Underwood romping through a dreamy forest scene that looks like something straight out of Justin Bieber and Halsey's "The Feeling" teaser video.

We knew *something* was missing amid all the trees and undies, so thanks Carrie for setting that straight.

On a serious note, though, this video's all about stealing away to a piece of quiet nothingness to enjoy some sensual serenity and the sounds of a significant other's ~heartbeat~, and we're definitely into it.

The only question we have is: Where the heck is Sam Hunt? 'Cause, ya know, he's pretty video-worthy himself.

"Heartbeat" is Carrie's second single from Storyteller, her latest album which hit shelves in October, following her initial release "Smoke Break." Underwood has also released her revenge-y anthem "Renegade Runaway" -- which we totally want to see a video for, please and thank you -- and “What I Never Knew I Always Wanted."