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21 Secret Santa Gifts That Will Make You The Office Star This Year

These gifts will impress everyone in the office, including your boss.

Secret Santa gift exchanges can go down in all kinds of social groups, but it's most common in the workplace environment. It's one of the few settings where adult acquaintances can be pressured into buying presents for people they picked out of a hat.

Sure, you can shop on a budget and you can even shop for someone you don't know well, but doing both at the same time? That's the real challenge of being a Secret Santa. However, rising to the occasion will definitely raise your street cubicle cred at work. Don't worry, we're here to help you crush it with the following gifts.

  1. Emoji pillows, $3.83

    Because you're on a budget and everybody poops (and naps).

  2. Caffeinated hot sauce, $8.00 and up

    Perhaps to wake up from your pre-lunch emoji nap? JK, boss.

  3. Sneaker socks, $8.99

    To celebrate casual Friday, of course.

  4. Dinosaur desk organizer, $8.99

    For the coworker who saw "Jurassic World" the day it opened.

  5. Otter tape dispenser, $9.99

    Cute, convenient and to the point.

  6. Space cat mouse pad, $9.99

    This is a great way to find out if your coworker is secretly awesome.

  7. Anti-stress coloring book, $10.82

    The only thing more popular than stress is adult coloring books. Lets solve one with the other.

  8. A statement water bottle, $11.00

    Every empowered woman needs to hydrate. Here's one for the fellas.

  9. Man candles, $11.95 and up

    Because men love candles too (we suggest bypassing the fart scented one, and going straight for the bacon).

  10. Totes McGoats bag, $12.00

    For the colleague that loves "abbrevs."

  11. Foodie dice, $12 and up

    There are a few kinds of Foodie Dice to chose from, but for around the office we recommend the dessert and salad dressing dices as a fun gift for any indecisive eater.

  12. Lablemaker, $14.99

    For the coworker who doesn't love to share, but at least has a sense of humor about it.

  13. Wet dog calendar, $13.49

    Because they always have a case of the Mondays.

  14. Eyeglass holder, $14.29

    Helpful and hilarious.

  15. Damnit doll, $15.98

    It's like a cross between a stress ball and voodoo.

  16. Face mug, $18.00

    Every office has a cookie monster. This is for them.

  17. Merlot infused coffee beans, $19.95

    Don't worry, office squares. This coffee is only infused with merlot flavor and it's nonalcoholic.

  18. Selfie Stick, $19.99

    It might seem basic, but there's no better way to nominate a photographer for the holiday party while also making sure they're included in the pics.

  19. Bey jelly knife, $19.99

    Now they will be ready for all their break-room spreading needs.

  20. GrubHub gift card, $25 and up

    The only danger with this gift is your coworker falling in love with you.

  21. Custom cookie cutter, $38.02 and up

    Okay, this is definitely more costly than most gift exchanges call for, but it may be worth it to hilariously creepy out a colleague with a cookie cutter of their own face. You could do that or score major brownie points by making one out of the company's logo. Either way, the effort alone will be cause for celebration.