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22 Things Ed Sheeran Should Do During His Upcoming Break

Ed might be really busy.

January 1, 2016 may mark the new year, but it also is the date when Ed Sheeran starts his well-deserved break.

He's been on tour for two years, has played hundreds of shows, and his album x went straight to No. 1 on the Billboard charts. But now, Ed just wants some time to step back from the music spotlight and just "go off into the wilderness somewhere for a bit."

So, what exactly will the "Photograph" singer be doing during his time off? While we don't exactly know, we certainly can guess. Here are 22 things Ed might do while on break.

  1. Turn off his phone.
  2. Take so many naps.
  3. Do some online shopping.
  4. Start doing doctor things.
  5. Start that new band.
  6. Play a lot of Hansonopoly.
  7. Work on his golf game.
  8. Practice conkers.
  9. Get some new tattoos.
  10. Binge watch a lot of TV.
  11. Eat all the pasta he wants.
  12. And wings.
  13. Bro down with his Dad.
  14. Crash some more weddings.
  15. Catch up on some movies.
  16. And be in some more movies.
  17. Invent this.
  18. Work on some unexpected collaborations.
  19. Cruise the streets.
  20. Drink really expensive wine.
  21. Look for more artists for his Gingerbread Man label.
  22. Most importantly...finish his third album.

Enjoy your time off, Ed. We will miss you!