Samantha Comte

Adele's Voice Can Stop A Baby's Cries; Can Probably Cure The Sick And Feed The Needy, Too

Baby stops crying when he hears Adele's 'Hello,' is the opposite of everyone else.

When one hears the first bars of Adele's now-iconic comeback single, "Hello," one can always feel the emotions welling up inside: the wistfulness, the angst and yes, the tears. For one toddler, Adele's voice has the exact opposite effect.

YouTube user Samantha Comte uploaded a video where her son Marley, in tears, looks ~absolutely~ inconsolable. But as soon as he hears Adele sing in the powerful, soul-stripping way that she sings, he is unable-to-can: he cannot. Like all of us, he is transfixed.

One wonders if this is the technique Adele uses to quiet her little baby Angelo, too. We're sure the real thing is probably super effective. ??

Watch the hilarious clip below.