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Dave Holmes' New Memoir Recalls His Days As An MTV VJ

And naturally, it's told through the music of his life.

Dave Holmes went from being a pop culture junkie and MTV super-fan to becoming one of the network's most memorable personalities after hitting up an open call for the series "Wanna Be a VJ?" If you're thinking "Somebody should write that story!", we have good news: Dave did.

In the comedian/actor's new book, "Party Of One: A Memoir in 21 Songs," Holmes is taking us through the story of his life through 21 different songs that were pivotal to him at every turn. This is Holmes' first book, but he has long been open about his story in projects like It Gets Better.

When speaking with MTV in 2011, the erstwhile "Say What? Karaoke" host recalled some of his story: "I grew up glued to MTV and had always dreamed of being a part of it somehow, but I never thought I would actually do it. The world of pop music and movies and videos and whatnot seemed like a whole other dimension that I could never break into. But one day in 1998, I was at my advertising job, di**ing around on the internet and I saw an article on Billboard.com about an open call for VJs. I circled the date, called out sick that day and the rest is trivia."

His book won't be released until June 28 of next year, but it's currently available for preorder. Until then, get your fill of MTV nostalgia with this clip of Holmes and "Wanna Be A VJ?" winner Jesse Camp recalling their time together as VJs, and share your favorite Holmes memories in the comments.

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