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Officer In Laquan McDonald Case Makes Bail As Questions Arise Over Missing Security Tape

Also: Ithaca students vote 'no confidence' on president and man arrested in Univ. of Chicago threat.

Jason Van Dyke Has Been Charged With First-Degree Murder

Van Dyke, charged in the October 2014 videotaped shooting of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald, left Cook County jail on Monday evening after posting $150,000 bond (10 percent of his $1.5 million bail). Recently released dashcam footage showed Van Dyke shooting McDonald 16 times, including several after the teen was on the ground. It has also been reported that screengrabs from inside a Burger King near the shooting appeared to show Chicago cops at a computer terminal that night; over an hour of footage is missing from the store's security video. In the wake of protests over the shooting, Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel will announced the creation of a task force on police accountability to review how cops are trained in the city.

Ithaca College Students Vote 'No Confidence' On President

With more than 2,500 votes tallied, Ithaca College students gave college president Tom Rochon a 'no confidence' vote following a semester of protests about the racial climate on campus. Out of 6,907 students who were sent polls, 3,756 voted, with 2,695 checking 'no' and 1,019 voting for confidence in Rochon (42 submitted polls with no vote). "If 70 percent of the people that you are supposed to lead don’t believe in you, it’s time to go, and it’s time to go fast," Student Government Association president Dominick Recckio said.

Investigators Pinpoint AirAsia Crash Cause

A year after Air Asia Flight 8501 crashed into the Java sea en route to Singapore, killing 162 people, investigators have determined that the pilots' response to a technical malfunction with the plane's rudder system caused the accident. According to CNN, the plane's flight control computer had a series of 23 malfunctions in the year before the crash and "subsequent flight crew action resulted in inability to control the aircraft... causing the aircraft to depart from the normal flight envelope and enter a prolonged stall condition." One of the other contributing factors was the lack of pilot training in dealing with with "upset recovery," when a plane is angled at more than 45 degrees.

Update -- Washington College Shutdown: After more than a week off, students returned to the Maryland campus of Washington College on Monday. The campus had been shut down due to a potential threat from an allegedly distraught, armed student who went missing two weeks ago. The lockdown was lifted after Jacob Marberger, 19, was found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound last week.

Update -- Arrest In University Of Chicago Threat: A 21-year-old college student, Jabari R. Dean, was arrested on Monday and charged with transmitting a threat in interstate commerce after police claim he posted an online threat to "execute aproximately (sic) 16 white male students and or staff" at the U. of Chicago and "any number of white policemen" in retaliation for the shooting of Laquan McDonald (see above). The threat caused the shutdown of the college's campus on Monday; Dean is a student at nearby University of Illinois At Chicago.