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John Legend's 'Under The Stars' Has A Surprising Back-Up Star

His latest duet is ~stellar~.

John Legend is no stranger to duets -- he was even once part of a now-defunct reality show called "Duets" -- but his newest collaboration is truly out of this world.

His new holiday number "Under the Stars" was recorded alongside the supporting sounds of literal stars. That's no stretch of the term "literal" either; we mean actual stars -- be they shooting, neutron, supernova, or what have you.

"I've collaborated with some figurative stars before, but this is the first time I've done something with literal stars," Legend explained in a behind-the-scenes making-of featurette for the tune.

"Scientists are able to record the sounds of the vibrations that they make," he added.

Now that's what we call star power -- twinkle twinkle to the max.

"Under the Stars" was created in partnership with beer brand Stella Artois as part of its Give Beautifully gift campaign, and according to Legend, it was this idea of generosity that influenced the new song.

Also, Stella is Latin for the word "star," so there are multiple layers of significance at play in this project.

"For the holiday season, Stella Artois and I came together to give a gift -- a song that's inspired by the stars," the dad-to-be said. "In this song we're hearing the noises that stars make."

Speaking to People magazine, Legend explained that the track is "all about uniting people all around the world together under the stars," and said his experience vibing with actual stars is something he wouldn't mind tinkering with some more.

"We do the same thing when it comes to drum or keyboard sounds. Either way, you try to create a beautiful record and incorporate those sounds," he told People. "I'd definitely consider using stars again in the future."

Next step? An asteroid anthem so someone can become a legit rock icon.