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This Girl's Christmas List Spans 16 Different Languages — Step Up Your Game, Kids

She's NOT beating around the bush.

We've all been there as kids: You want something really, really badly, but you're fairly certain your parents will say no. What do you do? Well, if you're this kid, you get straight to the point.

On Saturday (Nov. 28), one parent uploaded their daughter's simple-yet-detailed Christmas list to Imgur. It's simple because the girl only wanted one thing, yet detailed because she listed that one thing in 16 different languages.

This little girl truly wants a cat, and she's willing to Google what "cat" translate to in 15 other languages besides English to drive her point home.

The photo was also uploaded to Reddit by user mmmel, presumably the same person who shared it on Imgur. Many of the comments joked they should get her a dog, but after learning why she so desperately wanted a cat, that's probably not a good idea.

"We lost both of our cats, she really misses them...Cat #1 ate something and it got stuck in his intestines, spent over $2000 trying to save him but he died. Cat #2 ran away, it's been about 2 months," mmmel revealed. Mmmel also shared, "Husband says he will leave if I get a cat. Looks like we are getting a cat. Less work than the husband."

While this makes our eyebrows raise, it's still a hilarious way to get one's point across. Props to you, little girl. ??

You know, wanting a cat for Christmas is totally understandable. However, some of these other kids' lists are definitely making us scratch our heads in confusion.