Stephen Amell

17 Instagram Posts That Prove Stephen Amell Wins At Being A Dad

The cutest daddy-daughter duo this side of Starling City.

Stephen Amell has probably already won you over with his role as Oliver Queen on "Arrow" as a world-class vigilante, friend of The Flash and reformed playboy. But IRL Amell is so much cuter than his onscreen counterpart. I mean, Oliver has his sweet moments, too -- basically, every scene with his sister, Thea, or his current flame, Felicity, is laced with so much cuteness, we die every time.

But Amell, in addition to being ripped AF, is a husband and the undisputed champ when it comes to the Father Of The Year category. This weekend, he posted a pic to Instagram that made the rest of the world take note of his impeccable father-daughter moments.

But his Instagram is littered with tons of evidence that Stephen and Mavi Amell are the world's cutest father-daughter pair.

  1. Preschool prep is never to be overlooked
  2. A good father sets aside time for some beachside bonding
  3. He teaches Mavi that mean-muggin' for the camera is a valid form of expression
  4. And that you can never be too cool to dress up for Halloween
  5. Swim lesson basics are a part of the Amell Daddy 101 Handbook
  6. As is the all too important lesson on not drowning
  7. Stephen Amell knows that you have to teach 'em the value of a dollar
  8. And that important heart-to-heart talks are the foundation of a great bonding experience
  9. Thanks to her dad, Mavi can now truly appreciate an excellent wardrobe
  10. Lazy Sundays are good, but lazy ~any day~ is even better
  11. Another important daddy-daughter how-to: Looking cool AF at the pool
  12. Quality Instagram posts are a must because you're not ~basic~, you're an Amell
  13. And fountain fanfare is always appropriate and always warranted
  14. The faraway pouty stare is always guaranteed to win you a hug from dad
  15. And shoulder top view is always the best view
  16. Mavi has already perfected the side eye and Papa Amell has already accepted it!
  17. But the most valid lesson is always good kicks are everything

    And "Batman" kicks are even better.